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Bridal Stylist

 You are surrounded with the people you love the most and all eyes are on you from the entrance to the last dance of the night. An absolutely sensational look and confidence will be your greatest pleasure on this precious day which will not be lifetime forgotten.  

I’m here for you as your bridal stylist certified from university of the arts London College of Fashion and Style. Let’s discover the perfect attire and delightful accessories for you whilst incorporating your lifestyle, body shape and coloring along with the wedding theme.  

So many confusing options and so little time. Together, you will feel the excitement of making the final decisions in a relatively short time while avoiding the stressful, emotional and frustrating moments. 


Your big day will be even more beautiful as I assist the ones you love – your happiest mom, brides maids, family members and friends who come in different body shapes and colors. 

 Already excited? Let’s get started NOW – by:

             -Meeting and getting to know each other in person

             -Sharing the dream, vision and ideas through images, photos, descriptions

            – Arranging customized visits to shops where all is already hand-picked for you

             -Complete our short journey with full satisfaction and confidence ready for the big day